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I am so sorry, guys. I want to continue but I think I've lost the spark! School started and I'm really trying to keep my grades up. I let you guys down and I'm sorry...
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Today was a very special day. Kaku's birthday. And you had saved up to buy him a ninjato. It costed 600 berries. 

You: Kaku!

You yell, running after him.

Kaku: Oh hey _______!

You catch up to him. You were blushing. Hoping that he really likes the sword.

You: Happy Birthday.

Kaku smiled with glee. But you're heart was pounding. You handed him the wrapped gift. He tore the paper from the package. He pulled the ninja sword from the box.

Kaku: oh _____, a ninjato!

You: um yeah...I saved up for it. Do you like it?

Kaku: _______, I love it!

He kissed you on the cheek. Your face was as red as it could get.

Kaku: Now....I have a present for you.

You blinked. A present for you? What does he mean?
He grabbed your hand.

Kaku: Come on, I'll take you to it. 
He lead you to his designated room in the tower. His room was amazing. A king sized bed with blankets as soft as clouds. He locked the door behind him.

You: You wanted to give me a gift?

Kaku: yes...

He kissed your cheek and made his way down your neck. One of his hands trailed up your thigh. You let out a moan as he rubbed your sides.

Kaku: Are you ready for your gift?

He whispered as he carried you bridal style to the bed. Laying you down and hovering you. Kicking your shoes off along with his.

You: I've never had-

He placed one finger on your lips.

Kaku: Shh... It's going to be okay.

Kaku unbuttoned his jacket and unzipped his shirt. You blushed when his bare, well toned chest came into view. He tossed them aside. Kaku unbuttoned your jacket and shirt. Unclipping your bra, throwing your clothes on the floor. You cover your breasts, Kaku caressed your cheek. The look in his eyes made you feel safe. He trailed his hands on your breasts. Licking the nipple and twisting the other.

Kaku unzipped his pants, once those were gone, he moved to take off your skirt, tights and panties. You were completey exposed. Kaku pulled your legs apart. His member came from his boxers causing you to gasp in shock. He was so big.

Kaku: ________,are you okay?

You: yeah, but...this is going to hurt isn't it?

He caressed your cheek.

Kaku: Yeah...but only for a while.

He slid his member into you, halfway. You screamed out in pain, blood leaked out of you. He kissed you,as he pulled away, he wiped your tears. Kaku pulled all the way out. Before thrusting again. You wrapped your arms around his neck.
He kept a steady pace, thrusting in and out of you. Your breasts bounce from his force. 

You: Kaku, ahh... Harder...

The friction between you two built up heat. He granted your wish and sped up.
You: I'm gonna cum.

Kaku: Me too!!

With a few more deep and rough thrusts, grunting with each movements.
Some thing building inside your lower abdomen. Your walls tighten around his member. He groaned loudly as his semen coating the inside of you. Kaku pulled out and laid next to you.

Kaku: I love you _____.

You: I love you, too.

                                        (Meanwhile outside the door)
Fukurou: Oh my god....

Jyabura: they actually did it...

Kalifa: and why are you standing outside the door? It's sexual harassment.

Jyabura: not now!

Fukurou: he's gonna hear you!!

Jyabura: if you keep screaming he will!!

Kaku: I can hear both of you.

Jyabura: Run!!!

They dart away from the area.
Kaku x Reader 10
Happy Birthday, Kaku-Kun!!1st Emoticon: Happy Birthday 

You (c) Kaku
CP9 (c) Oda
I think I made some mistakes.

Made Lucci too soft.

Haruta is probably a boy, not a girl.

Perona and Zoro ran into Mihawk outside, not inside.

Shouldn't have given you guys a theme. For Kid's fanfiction.

I f*cked up.
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You sat on the couch, reading your favorite book, deciding just to move on with your life.
Those people got away, there's nothing you could about it. 

Jyabura: hehehe...

You turned around to find Jyabura, the wolf zoan,behind the couch.

Jyabura: you like Kaku, huh?

You held the book up to your face.

You: yeah so....

Jyabura: you like giraffes, I get it, since giraffes are so cool, after all.

He snickers, you started to pout.

You: I'll have you know a giraffe can kill a lion with one kick.

Jyabura : yeah, but you know a wolf is much stronger than a giraffe

He moved closer to your face. You groan and move away from him.

You: Stop it.

Jyabura: what's wrong, ______?

You fall off the couch onto the floor. He hopped over the couch and was in front of you once more. 

You: I'm serious. Kaku's a lot stronger than you.

Fukurou: Don't worry he's just jealous because Gatherine dumped him again.

Jyabura: HEY SHUT UP!!

Kaku walked in the room. You get to your feet.

Kaku: Jabra, you're so pesky.

Jyabura turned around and glared at you.

Jyabura: remember this, Doriki only measures physical strength. In a real fight I have my devils fruit powers. So I could trash a guy like him anytime anywhere.

You: I don't care about stuff like that. If it makes you happy, then I won't argue.

Kaku: exactly, don't worry about him
Kaku x Reader 9
Lemon coming. Lemon coming. Lemon coming up next.
:lemon: Free For Use Lemon Icon 

You (c) Kaku 
CP9 (c) Oda
I am so sorry, guys. I want to continue but I think I've lost the spark! School started and I'm really trying to keep my grades up. I let you guys down and I'm sorry...
  • Mood: Miserable


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